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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will parking be for the ride? 

All vehicular parking is on the tarmac, on the northern portion of the airstrip. After entering the LBJ Ranch, the Rangers will be there to direct you.

When will the grounds open on the morning of the rides?

The grounds will open at 7 A.M.(, and onsite registration will start immediately).

Can you recommend a good place for my dad, brother & I to meet up before the ride?

Maybe the food tent (near the start/finish line at the southern end of the airstrip) would be a good place to meet.  There should not be a lot of activity at the food tent, at least from riders, at that hour, so you should be able to easily spot each other.

Can I pick my friends'/co-workers' packages at a pre-ride pick-up up as well? 

Yes, indeed, you may pick up экскурсия по подземной Москве packets for your friends/co-workers. Please make sure you have a copy of their registration confirmation as well as your own.

Is the ride on paved roads?

The ride is all on paved roads.  The routes are on some major, but minimally trafficked, FM roads and on quiet country lanes that literally take you back in time.

Will all the rest stops have water?

All rest stops will have water and Gatorade.  Rest Stops # 6 & 7 will also have pickle juice. Gatorade and energy supplements will be provided at all rest stops.

What is the distance between the rest stops?

The 85-mile route will have one distance of 14 miles between rest stops. This will occur on the out-and-back from Sandy on FM 1323. All other distances on all routes are less than 10 miles.

If I registered for the 40 mile ride but want to  change to the full 100k will that be possible?

You may change your route plans; you may wish to just pick up a map of the route that you may ultimately intend to ride.  We basically ask that question in order to get an idea as to how we should stock the rest stops.

Do all registrants receive a t-shirt?

While we say that we cannot guarantee t-shirts for registration after Feb. 29, it an almost certainty that you will get a t-shirt.  We have to make a one-time t-shirt order at an early date  in order to get an excellent quantity discount, so we must project forward to where we feel we will be with respect to registrations on ride day.  There have been no unhappy campers in our past LBJ 100 editions.  We feel, though, that we must state that there is no guarantee as the unexpected could happen, and a re-order is not an option.  I hope you understand.

Are bicycles provided, or do you have to bring your own?

We do not provide bicyles, but there’s a way to solve the problem, though we do not rent bicycles at the site.  Bicycle Sport Shop, with three locations in Austin, is one possibility. Lance Armstrong's shop, Mellow Johnny's, is another Austin possibility. And then there is Hill Country Bicycle Works in Fredericksburg. According to their website, they do bicycle rentals, too, which might save transporting the bicycles from Austin. All shops provide clean, well-maintained bikes.

Is there a time limit for finishing the ride?

There is no official time in which you have to finish any of the routes. We do ask that you consider calling it a day if you are out on a route, and significantly behind the other riders.  This is in  consideration of the many volunteers that put in long hours to make the event the success it has been in the last three years.  There comes a time when they want to call it a day as well.  The SAG drivers will monitor your progress, and will be able to guide you as needed and even give you a lift back to the Ranch if necessary.

What time do the rides begin that morning?

The rides will begin at 9:00 AM with a staggered start.

What time does the guided ride begin that afternoon?

The guided ride will start at 2:30 PM.

I won't be able to pick up a packet at any of the locations before the ride, but can I can just show up and notify you at the table?

You don't have to pick up your packets before the ride, though we recommend you do so as to avoid the last-minute rush at registration on the morning of the ride. But if you're unable to go to any of the early pick-up locations, just show up at the morning of the ride.

We will be arriving in the area (from Bonita Springs, Florida) on the day before the tour. If we were to stay in Austin, would we be able to pick up materials that afternoon or evening (March 23)?

Unfortunately we only have the fixed dates for early packet pick-up. So you need to pick up your packages at the morning of the ride. The gates to the LBJ Ranch will open at 7:00 AM, and our registration/packet pick-up will be open shortly thereafter.

Can you please tell me where the LBJ100 bicycle tour takes place?

The LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour takes place in Stonewall/Texas. For details, see "directions, map & parking ".

Do you have directions on how to get to the ride, and where the ride starts?

The ride starts at 9:00 AM [staggered start], on the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall/Texas. For details, see "directions, map & parking ".

What is the cost for registering the day of the ride?

Registration fees at the morning of the ride are:

Will you allow registration the morning of the rally?

We will have registration at the morning of the ride, though we recommend you pre-register so as to avoid the last-minute rush at registration on the morning of the ride. The gates to the LBJ Ranch will open at 7:00 AM, and our registration/packet pick-up will be open shortly after that.

Will there be port-potties/restroom facilities at any of the rest stops?

All rest stops will have porta potties, with the exception of the three historic schools. These will have real toilets for both men and women.

Can the ride start at 8 AM?

As there are many riders who come only on the day of the ride, some from as far away as San Antonio, Austin or even Houston,, a start that early would really inconvenience them as they'd have to get up much too early. Thus we have decided for a 9 AM start.

How does one register for the Lucy tour only?

At present, our online registration does not allow registration for the Lucy tour only. We're working on it and hope to have an improved version out after the Christmas holiday season. Meanwhile, as a work-around, just select one of the routes as that information is for our planning purposes only and is not binding for the riders.

Will the jerseys be available in women's and men's sizes?

The jersey will be available in women's, men's and kids' sizes, all of them XS through 3XL. In our pre-order, however, we have not included the XS and 3XL sizes.  Should a registrant desire either of these sizes, his/her name will be put on a list, and a secondary order will be placed.  Our initial order will be in at the end of Dec., at which time they will go on sale at the three Ride Away Bicycles shops in SA.  We are trying to get our major Austin sponsor, REI, to sell them as well, but no decision yet.

For sizing, please consult the Champ-Systems web site sizing chart.  Champ-Systems is a major sports apparel supplier that we use .  Our jerseys are relaxed, “club cut”, but we have found that the jerseys still may  be a little snug even with the club cut.  The quality is outstanding.

Are bicycle inspections required?

Bike inspections are not required to ride in the 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour.  However, riders are strongly encouraged to bring their bike in to any of the three Ride Away Bicycles shops in San Antonio, any of the REI stores in Austin or Round Rock, or Hill Country Bicycle Works in Fredericksburg or Kerrville at least two weeks prior to the day of the event (March 24).  These sponsors have graciously agreed to perform a basic Mechanical Inspection free of charge to identify any major issues with the equipment.  Of course, anything found where the rider would want the sponsor’s techs to correct would be subject to prevailing sponsor shop rates. Help ensure that you’re mechanically equipped for an enjoyable ride!

I'm trying to register for the ride and the registration site asks for a "discount code". Where do I find/get the code?

For the usual registrant, there is no such code. This feature is used by the ride organizers for special situations, such as comping entry fees for the wounded soldiers with their hand cycles.  We have attempted to provide built-in discounts for everyone through our “early bird” pricing, in an attempt to get folks to register early.

I signed up to get my early packet pick up at the Austin location; however, if I am unable to get to REI on that date, will my packet go to onsite registration the day of the event so I can pick it up then?

Yes, indeed, your packet will be at the start/finish line on Saturday if you are unable to get to the location you had indicated. These packet pick-ups will be separated from those registering on the day of the event, so your pick-up should go very quickly.

Does the 62 mile route go through the Willow City Loop?

We do not use the Willow City Loop on any of the routes for the LBJ 100.  Safety is always paramount with us, and we feel that there are too many tourists and motorcyclists on the loop that would preclude obtaining the level of safety we would want.  The 62-mile route does come into Willow City, with a rest stop at the Willow City School.  It then turns around and heads down FM 1323 to Sandy.

I see on your website that another rider can pick up packages at the early pick-up locations. Can a non-rider pick them up as well?

Yes, a non-rider may pick up packets for rider friends.  We have no restrictions.

Are there any rules against wearing headphones and listening to music during the ride?

Presently, we have no rules against the wearing of headphones and listening to music during our ride. Safety, however, is paramount with us and we ask that use your headphones wisely and always be aware of the traffic and riders around you and possible warnings. We have had a great safety record these last four years and we wish for that to continue.

I have to eat gluten free. Can you, please, tell me what's on the meal at the free lunch provided?

While we are still working on some of the details of the meal, we know that the entrée for the carnivores will be a Kiolbassa sausage; very likely believe beef/pork.  There will probably be a carrot/raisin salad and another salad, the type which has not been fully decided yet.  There will be an entrée for the vegetarians furnished by Green Vegetarian Cuisine of San Antonio.  We do not have the details regarding what the offering will be.  We do know, though, that there will be some veggie burgers as a back-up for the vegetarians.

Is there a 100-mile ride or is 85 the longest?

The 85-mile (which we are introducing this year) is the longest distance we have.  The "100" designation came about in 2008, the first year of our ride, as it was the centennial of LBJ's birth.  We have retained that designation because of the 100K having heretofore been the longest distance.  At this time, we have no plans to expand to a 100-mile distance, for a variety of reasons: (1) safety is paramount with our ride, and there are few options, given what we already have in place.  Example: We do not feel that riding the narrow Willow City Loop in the spring, with its plethora of motorcyclists and tourists, to be safe on a mass ride,  and (2) In deference to our Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club volunteers, and many others, we feel that we would be overextending ourselves in further expansion.

How long will the afternoon ride [tour of the ranch lead by Luci Baines Johnson] take?

Luci's ride, starting at 2:30 PM, usually lasts about two hours in time.  It is probably more talking than bike riding (about 3 miles in distance) – but it indeed is some interesting talking.  It's a look at presidential history from someone who lived it!


If there is any question you can't find here and need to be answered, please dont hesitate to contact us at for questions relating to the organisation of the ride for quesions relating to the website